How to manually remove a webpart (SPS WSS 2003)

by Servé Hermans | 5:13 PM in Sharepoint 2007 Other |
Somehow, I was not able to deinstall webparts using the stsadm -o deletewppack -name command. This happened after we upgraded a webpart with a new version.

To manually remove the webpart:
1. Access the configuration database and locate your webpart. Write down the ID number (eg 5.) and delete the entry from the WebPartPackages table
2. Go to the InstalledWebPartPackages table and delete all the rows which match the specific ID (in our case the ID was 5)
3. delete all dwp files that match your webppart name in every website _wpcatalog folder for every front end server. Leave all the other dwp files untoched.
4. now you can check if the deinstallation was succesful by stsadm -o enumwppacks -farm.

Eventually you can reinstall the webpart package.


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